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100 Things

Here it is, now updated since I first wrote it on April 15, 2007:

1. I am approaching 40 on a slow train with hair color and highlights because a Southern gal must arrive in style.

2. I am four years older than my one sister–who is quite young–see #1 reference to S-L-O-W train.

3. I have been married for 18 years this August. See here for some of how the story began.

4. I am an adoptive mom to two sons–one as an infant, now 11, and one as a 2 year old, now 10.

5. I have given birth to two sons–one in heaven (here and here for part of the story) and one now 7.

6. My mom is from South Georgia.

7. I grew up learning Southern and love almost all that the South entails. The rest is too bloggable for this post alone.

8. My dad is from South America.

9. I still had to take Spanish in high school and college.

10. I was a B/A- student in Spanish.

11. I was otherwise an A student, except when it came to math.

12. I do not like math, but I love calculators.

13. When I was 4 years old, my mom told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up.

14. I told her I wanted to be a horse.

15. I did not want to be married.

16. I did not want to have children.

17. God changed my heart, renewed my mind and transformed my life in those regards.

18. I was a Political Science and English double major.

19. I wanted to go to law school and serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

20. God had mercy on me.

21. I was a self-proclaimed Nazi feminist with tremendous self agenda and baggage when I met my future husband at a frat party.

22. See #17 and #20.

23. I finished college in 3 years so I could get married.

24. We memorized our wedding vows, adding at the end Romans 8:31b “For if God is for us, who can be against us.”

25. We have lived our vows intensely–the for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse parts, and especially the Romans 8:31b part.

26. On my 21st birthday I had my wedding portrait done in the morning and two wisdom teeth cut out in the afternoon.

27. Ten weeks later we got married.

28. Two weeks later we flew to Korea to begin our lives together.

29. I lived in Korea for almost a year with my husband until we were re-stationed stateside.

30. I moved six times in 18 years as child.

31. My dad was not in the military.

32. I said I’d never move around as an adult.

33. I said I’d never marry anyone in the military.

34. I married an Army officer.

35. I moved eight times in 11 years once married.

36. Yes, I still say “never,” but with much greater humility.

37. I am a sinner justified by grace, took an altar call walk as a child, but only depended upon Christ through faith for my salvation once in college.

38. My favorite book of the Bible is Hebrews, then Romans, then Genesis, then Isaiah, then…

39. I have great trouble picking one single favorite.

40. I started homeschooling all three of my sons two and a half years ago.

41. Even on hard days, I’m still very grateful for the gift of homeschooling.

42. I only started drinking coffee four years ago.

43. Now I drink coffee at least twice a day.

44. I drink one Diet Coke a day at lunch. Update: I have since quit drinking Diet Coke at all. Go figure.

45. Caffeine is quite definitely my friend. Update: It’s still my friend.

46. I like old movies, musicals, Westerns, spy thrillers and some science fiction.

47. I love the theater and the symphony.

48. I almost majored in Theater.

49. I have an eclectically random resume of previous employment.

50. I have worked in a bait and tackle shop sorting and selling worms, crickets, chicken livers, and minnows.

51. I have worked in a bridal shop, ironing prom dresses and wedding gowns.

52. I do not iron now.

53. I play the piano.

54. I have worked as a church pianist and played for weddings.

55. I won a contest to be DJ for the day at a Christian radio station.

56. They offered me a job, and I became the DJ for the Saturday night Rock N’ Roll show for a little over a year.

57. I made Fettucine Alfredo for Michael Card, prior to his 1993 Lake of the Ozarks concert.

58. My favorite restaurant is Macaroni Grill.

59. I love almost anything seafood–drawing the line at sea slug and conch.

60. My passion is to teach Christian women to seriously study the Bible and to obediently apply Biblical principles to their lives.

61. My heart is for women to understand why their theology (relationship with and understanding of God) must be based on sound doctrine.

62. I have two cats.

63. I want a Sheltie.

64. I am not a gardener.

65. I do love flowers, especially tulips.

66. I will read virtually anything you put in front of me.

67. I am a speed reader.

68. I keep tissues in my Bible because that’s what my Mimi did.

69. I love old hymns the best.

70. I shop at Goodwill and consignment stores regularly.

71. I’m a soccer mom to my 10 year old.

72. I’m a fencing (foilist) mom to my 11 year old. Update: He currently does not fence anymore. What started out as a wee break has become a big, long break. I don’t know what will come next.

73. I help my seven year old find pennies.

74. I want to own a Mini Cooper after my Minivan season of life is finished.

75. My dream home is in the mountains of Colorado.

76. My dream vacation is in the mountains of anywhere.

77. I especially want to travel through Canada one day.

78. I have to apply Chapstick every night before I can go to sleep.

79. I like to work on a schedule.

80. I am compulsively impulsive.

81. I create organized piles that only I know exactly what is in them.

82. I am not a good housekeeper.

83. I am an excellent cook.

84. My favorite indulgence is a Heath Bar Blizzard, with chocolate syrup, from Dairy Queen.

85. I could honestly eat popcorn every single day.

86. I lost 35 pounds after the birth of my last son on the Weight Watchers program.

87. I have kept 30 pounds successfully off.

88. I have had hair long enough to sit on.

89. I have also had the Dorothy Hamil haircut.

90. I was a child of the 80’s.

91. I had a grey Members Only jacket that I wore with my Calvin Klein jeans.

92. I have lived tremendous losses and sorrows.

93. I have been given God’s amazing grace and redemptive restoration.

94. I am most thankful for His Sovereignty.

95. I desire that my life be a living sacrifice to Him.

96. I pray that my children will be His lifelong servants, clinging to Him through faith alone and not works.

97. I love to laugh and make others laugh.

98. My favorite clothes are comfy clothes.

99. I have been a bone marrow donor twice–for my first son.

100. I rode on a baby elephant in the 70’s at the Knoxville, TN zoo. (Rebekah, that was for you.)

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  1. September 12, 2009 1:13 pm

    Just clicked on this. Seriously, we were separated at birth. Except for the Supreme Court Justice thing. I wanted to be Bernadette Peters. And now I almost have her hair, but that’s about it.

  2. inalley permalink
    November 6, 2009 2:06 pm

    I enjoyed reading your list, and felt immediately convicted when I read you shop at Goodwill! OMG! I have done the same for years, but I would have never thought of admitting that on my blog. There. I admitted it in public too. My kids were sometimes so embarrassed, but hey, a bargain is a bargain.

    Isn’t it amazng how God can reveal our prideful hearts to us in the most creative ways?

    I gonna run…to start working on my 100 things list!

    P.S. I moved around too growing up…but I WAS a brat!

  3. June 24, 2010 5:02 pm

    We moved around but my dad was in the Cdn Air Force so I have a good excuse. Moved every 3 years. Have been across Canada a number of times. Currently live in the West – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Home of West Edmonton Mall and Edmonton Oilers. Have one daughter who has given us four grandchildren. Talk about multiplication! Proud gramma. Really enjoy your blog – it’s everyday, down to earth with a little bit of heaven thrown in as good measure!

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