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Eating apple crisp…

August 8, 2010

in Nova Scotia.

A really cool blogger would show you a picture of the event. Perhaps to prove it happened. Perhaps to add !Visual Effect! to an otherwise plain ol’ blog.

But I’m not a really cool blogger.

I’m just a blogger who scarfed up her apple crisp in really cool Nova Scotia.

Cheers, eh?

Just thinking a status report….

August 1, 2010

is due. About now.

Disliking the intense heat and humidity of current days.

Knowing that I should be grateful for all that comes from the hand of God. Even this weather.

Sitting on the red couch with two of the three best sons. The third is on the floor in front of us stretched out.

Watching the movie Inkheart with them.

Fielding questions about special effects and movie magic.

Digesting an awesome Pizza Margherita earlier enjoyed with Husband.

Drinking nothing right now but an evening coffee will probably be brewed eventually.

Reading Renewing Your Mind: Learning How to Live and Think Biblically by James Montgomery Boice. It is an excellent study on Romans 12:1-2.

Also reading a great deal of Isaiah these days. God’s judgment and restoration and promises to His people are amazing words of assurance and hope.

Thinking eagerly about what this week holds in adventure and excitement. Not to mention really low humidity and much cooler temperatures.

Packing not yet completed.

Celebrating 20 years with Husband this month.

Thanking God for all of His many good gifts–marriage, sons, friendships to name only a few.

Signing off for yet another blog break. Too much living to do this month.

It has been a long time…

July 27, 2010

since this house boasted a four month old. This week the boast has to include embarrassing incidents like forgetting the baby bottle nipples while on an outing.

Four month old babies do not appreciate the forgetfulness of their 41 year old caregivers. In fact, they very loudly express their dissatisfaction with the current level of care, demand a refund, write a letter to the Better Baby Business Bureau and motivate a friend to haul it to CVS to buy a nipple, any nipple, in an effort to make.the.crying.stop.

Feed the baby. A key principle right there. And when the method is by bottle, then buddy, you had better have all the key elements necessary for that bottle. Because there is no whipping it out au naturel when Dr. Brown’s Level 1 is all he will have.

I had also forgotten about the crying jags that can accompany small babies. When letting it all hang out is loud. Really loud. The boys provide the humor with questions like, “What is he crying about?” or “Is he having a bad day?”

Yes, I wondered the same thing with you, son.

It is still a joy to hold the little guy. To have that sleepy cooing be at you and the funny face you just made. To see him smile at you as though you have made his day.

That is when you have the nipple.

To the moms of littles, it has been nine years plus since I had this honor. I tip my motherhood hat at you. Hang in there, ladies.

When you have a headache….

July 25, 2010

you should take a nap.

Or brew a pot of coffee. And drink it all by yourself.

Or have the children prepare their own supper.


Or blog.

Because maybe what is causing the headache is the bumping around of incomplete thoughts.

Of course, the nap and coffee and children preparing their own supper were pleasant remedies as well.

Knocking the dust off….

July 23, 2010

to write that this is life.

Thinking that unannounced blog breaks are exactly what they should be.

Thinking about a little girl who now walks and runs and leaps. Who sees and speaks and sings. Who worships and rests eternally.

Thinking about how the glory of the Lord is revealed in the lives of those who embrace afflictions as the purposes of God. And do not kick against the goads, but seek His embrace of comfort back to themselves.

Thinking about how the purposes of the Lord are glorious in all ways and means and how His lovingkindness to persevere with us until we “get” that is incomparable.

And then, on the other hand,…..

Thinking much about the foibles and follies of persons who think too highly of themselves, and therefore, think themselves above reproach.

Thinking about persons who use their children as social secretaries rather than speak as an adult to other adults.

Thinking about the inclusiveness of some to the exclusiveness of others.

Thinking about the heart corruptions that destroy families and wreak havoc.

Thinking about the uncleanness of my own heart that made Isaiah cry, “Woe to me!” and I echo him.

Thinking about the cleansing coal that takes guilt away and atones for sin.

Thinking that after judgment restoration always comes.

And with that, back to the first hand,…..

Thinking that there is no circumstance or event or life interruption that God does not witness.

Thinking that my response versus reaction is still required to be biblical no matter the circumstance, event or interruption.

Thinking that C.S. Lewis had it more than right to say, “The great thing is, if one can, to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions in one’s ‘own’ or ‘real’ life. The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one’s life.”

Status Report for July 1st…

July 1, 2010

is ringing its call on a sweet slice of the internet. Lisa Writes‘ brainchild strikes again.

Sitting…….at my now messy again desk. I try. It was clean for a day or so before all that clutters struck again.

Drinking……nothing right now. Only realized at about noon that I had forgotten my morning coffee. What is up with that? Dementia is next.

Realizing…..that 3:33 in the afternoon is morning somewhere for somebody so coffee is next on task after this report is done.

Wondering……if a stream of consciousness status report really counts as a report seeing as a report usually implies serious thought given ahead of time and then put into a colorful three ring binder.

Reading…..several good books right now. Some top ones are Crook in the Lot, Guns of the Lion, Counsel from the Cross, Isaiah, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, and Age of Opportunity.

Thinking…..about the faithfulness of God versus the unfaithfulness of men and satisfied in Him.

Smiling…..about how God works out ALL of His plan in perfection.

Preparing…..for time with family this weekend and as much World Cup as possible.

Cooking…..tonight a lasagna and peach cobbler.

Wondering……what I am going to pull together for my oldest son’s nearing birthday celebration.

Procrastinating……the above idea because it reminds me both of how old and how tall he is becoming.

Finishing……this status report because it’s time to start the lasagna and the coffee.