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Calling all moms….

May 6, 2010

who would please, please, please give me some ideas on what to pack into a travel pack for my boys. They are taking a big trip with their grandparents next week that will involve hours of driving.

Which could later involve hours of therapy and/or medication for all parties concerned.

Here are some things that I’m thinking about. Please throw in your best ideas. Or sprinkle me with some links I may not have found regarding travel kit ideas.

1) restaurant gift cards for CFA, McD’s and Cracker Barrel (traveling with grandparents concession)

2) Mad Libs–the boys love these

3) trail mix, beef jerky, bag o’peppermints (they have sealants on their teeth so all gum or gummy type candy is verboten)

4) car bingo–but does anybody have an inexpensive idea on this one? The kit I saw in the store was ridiculously priced. I’m searching it online for some easy cards to print off and laminate.

5) the one family camera–or should I take the plunge on 3 disposables?

6) rope–for practicing knot tying or does that just conjure up trouble?

7) books, of course. I’ve got to make it to the library for this one to happen.

8) audiobooks–again, the library.

9) handheld games–we are letting them take the 2 Dsi’s, but I have warned my mom that time limits have to be imposed or she’ll have 3 glazed doughnuts instead of grandsons.

10) your idea could go in this spot!

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  1. May 6, 2010 4:55 pm

    What about a journal and some pencils? I’ve got one like me, he needs to write it or draw it to process what I see. Then they could leave spaces for the pictures they take and put them in later.

    Matchbox cars?

    I think the rope is a bad idea. But then, you know the kind of day I’m coming from, so I’m not a good judge right now.

  2. May 6, 2010 5:11 pm

    Bendaroos!!!! Hours of fun and they stick to the windows. 🙂

  3. May 6, 2010 5:30 pm

    We’re big book on CD people when we go on road trips. Beyond that we stick with lap boards stocked with paper and colored pencils (because melted crayons make Mama cranky). I get where you’re going with the rope – knot tying and all- let me know how that works out. Really. I’m dying to hear. Does your library have a cheap magazine section? Maybe some back issues of Car and Driver (with the girlie ads ripped out) or a sports or outdoor something or other magazine?

    • May 6, 2010 9:58 pm

      We’ve brought along just the box of trivia cards from some Trivial Pursuit games. We like Scattegories and Outburst too. Both are pretty easy in the van.

      Our favorite? We borrowed portable DVD players one year and it worked so well, we waited for a great sale and picked up two for $50 each for the next trip. You don’t need one for each kid, you can rotate the use and you can get a splitter for headphones (or wireless headphones). AMAZING. So. quiet. The grownups could actually TALK to each other.

      For PinkGirl (age 9) we bought the Full House Series – Season One and Two. The year before, we bought a few Brady Bunch seasons. FavoriteSon (age 14) watched Mythbusters DVDs.

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