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A box of cereal…

March 30, 2010

fell out of the cabinet upside down yesterday evening seemingly of its own accord scattering cornflakes on the floor. The child holding the box protested that “someone” put the box in the cabinet incorrectly which caused the trouble. Allegedly, the cornflakes bag fell out the bottom of the box which was strangely at closer glance completely sealed. Witnesses to the event were called and an investigation ensued.

Does this happen in your house? A usual culprit in our house is a mischievous character called “Notme”. Notme is the source of great angst to Mom and Dad. He leaves scooters in the driveway and shoes in the rain. He drops crumbs on the floor and loses library books. He has even been known to use the boys’ bath towels and leave them sopping wet on the floor.

Husband and I have declared that if Notme is ever caught, great trouble will rain upon his knotty head.

When these “notme” events occur, I always wonder how anyone can doubt original sin. From the moment we are born, our hearts are inclined to evil. With self-preservation being the motivating factor. From the moment we are conscious of recrimination, our hearts are inclined to deflection. It is deception of self at the cost of others.

A toddler’s protests that he did not eat the chocolate chip cookie while smeared with chocolate may cause an inward (and outward) smile at the absurdity. Such protests at 12 are not only unattractive but bode great warning for a heart used to deception and hardened to responsible repentance. Such protests in adulthood are grievous and proportionately consequential to others.

When you do not learn to take responsibility for your mistakes, you miss the grace of taking responsibility for God’s allowance to be part of the solution He has offered. Repent and believe, Jesus declared. Repent: take responsibility in confession and asking of forgiveness. Believe: that His way of forgiveness is just and merciful and complete and that He is perfecting you through such trials.

It’s not always a box of cornflakes that is easily cleaned up, easily taken care of, easily forgotten. Let us not despise being faithful in the small things.

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  1. March 30, 2010 8:42 am

    Around here, I’m frequently heard to say “Own it.” when “NotMe” shows up. I’m actively trying to teach my kiddos to take responsibility for their actions. The hard part for me is when I allow them to suffer the consequences of their actions. And on those occasions when I can and do intervene and protect them from consequences, I make sure I tell them I’m giving them Grace – because I love them. Hopefully I’m teaching them to extend Grace too. At least that’s the plan.

    NotMe is an unwelcome squatter. And he’s a slob.

  2. Ellen permalink
    March 30, 2010 9:13 am

    I have a feeling “NotMe” won’t be fessing up anytime soon :0)
    I’d get such shocked and hurt looks when I’d tell people their kids were heathens so not to expect Godly behavior out of them.
    Now the rest of us who profess to be believers don’t have the same excuses. We’re still gonna do the things we don’t wanna do and not do the things we wanna do …wretched woman that I am! But we have the Spirit to help us in our weaknesses :0)
    This comment would be a whole lot better in person….

  3. March 30, 2010 1:42 pm

    I will never forget finding the letter “J” scribbled in crayon on the walls in my youngest son’s room (my youngest son whose name, it so happens, begins with the letter “J”). When confronted with the evidence, he blamed his oldest brother whose name, curiously enough, begins with the letter “N.” Original sin, yes indeed. Total depravity, of course. I see it in my kids. I see it in me!

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