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When you don’t have…

January 30, 2010

much to say, you don’t have much to blog. When you don’t have much to blog, are you the tree in the forest that has fallen and no one has heard?

Lack of words isn’t coming from lack of life. Oh, trust me, life is happening over here. At its regular pace plus. I guess it has been more of a quiet thinking about it but not blogging it type of complete thoughts. I started blogging to be able to put a period on the end of the thoughts pinging around my brain with no outlet or flashing score to indicate that I had actually completed the thought. Mental pinball.

But real life pinball always supercedes blogging. As does real life plate spinning and chainsaw juggling. There is no reason to be ridiculous.

Here is the go-to list for all bloggers who have fallen off the blogging wagon, but are looking for a ticket back:

1. The surefire way to reduce the number of bathrooms that need cleaning is to increase the number of bathrooms that need repairing. Of course, this eventually reverses itself as the bathrooms that need repairing become the bathrooms that need the greatest intensive cleanings. Sigh.

2. I have been experimenting with some real food challenges. A friend put me on to the idea of homemade granola and another on the idea of raw milk and yet another keeps telling me to make my own yogurt and wheat bread. These things all together overwhelm me because I am a former homemade bread baker and I know the time that goes into it. I did agree to some baby steps.

I made my first batch of homemade granola the other day and have been pleased with the results. I also got my first gallon of raw milk and loved it completely. But the yogurt and bread will have to wait. For now. I feel like a Real Foods Girl Scout trying to ear her “I’m off cream of soups” badge. Umm. Not yet.

3. The boys and I are immersed in World War II. And I mean immersed. We have spent at least a month on reading through several events–the Dutch resistance movement (Amazing!); the Holocaust (Sobering); D-Day (I found a book of CDs with oral history accounts of the men—Soooo Fascinating!); and now we’re finishing up Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. I continually interrupt myself with tears while reading. The boys sit very quietly through my sniffles.

This is at least one of the top five reasons to homeschool in our book. To learn more thoroughly all the things you didn’t learn when you were going through school. We’re having a great time with history this year.

4. Bible study is continuing through John. God’s Word keeps me in a continual state of awe. I remain thankful for the privilege to study and teach.

This is where real life pinball is right now. Watching the boys grow. Trying to keep them fed. Watching hearts spiritually grow. Trying to keep those well fed too. Watching the years grow. Trying to catch those moments through more than a blog venue.

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  1. January 30, 2010 1:50 pm

    If this means you’re giving up blogging for good I will kick up a fuss.

    Try “artisan bread in five minutes” or “healthy bread in five minutes.’ I’m going to review it soon on my blog. Takes all the work out of healthy bread.

    yay for raw milk!!

  2. rosemary permalink
    January 30, 2010 2:36 pm

    Know what you mean. Much of the time I have no words to convey what’s going on in life, or I have words and it’s just too personal for the blog. I haven’t written much either.

    But I’ve been making granola for years, feeding folks at the lodge and especially my older son. He’s a granola appreciator of the highest level! If you want to try another recipe, I’ll gladly share the one I tweaked ’til we loved it.

  3. January 31, 2010 7:49 pm

    I’m trying desperately to get back on the wagon, really, I am. You’re far more eloquent in your explanation; I just cop out with the “not feelin’ it” excuse. Just printed the granola recipe and will have to give it a go. I tried my hand at homemade peanut butter recently and that went pretty well (and could have been a blog post – ugh!)

    On a side note, I’m stepping out on a limb and turning the Mark study into a bible study at church. Nothing like combining zero teaching experience, a fear of public speaking and a propensity for arm flailing when talking and putting that in front of a group of women. Only God, right?

    Glad you’re doing well and I’ll raise a ruckus with Lora Lynn if you go AWOL for too long!

  4. Ellen permalink
    February 2, 2010 10:44 pm

    When my parents saw the Hiding Place in the theater years back my father said that he remembered being on a train as a little boy hiding from the authorities when they were escaping out of Russia into Iran.
    I suppose it’s easier to blog consistently when it’s mostly surface light like my blog :0)

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