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Our second day of…

June 2, 2009

summer school is well underway. Learning the routine, balancing the assignments and juggling corrections with teaching reminds me of how dependent I am upon the Lord’s help to teach these sons anything.

At all.

I am also reminded of how great it truly is to be the one to see a son “get it”. The light comes on, the face brightens, and this mom can definitely hear the Hallelujah chorus. And not just because the “getting it” means we can cut out some of the review. I am honestly thrilled to see my boys excited about learning.

Yet another picture in the dailiness of life as to how God works all things to His glory. He delights to see His children “get it” of the lessons He sends them. And He is grieved when His children do not.

In these mere two days I have all ready been confronted by some recalcitrant attitudes. Reminding all of us that sin still desires to sweep us away, back into its grasp and power. Creating havoc of its own right and threatening to derail the entire day.

Wow. I really hate sin. My own, others, the world’s in general.

But like I told a certain child today, it is his choice to either stay on the path of a hardened heart regarding his required work or submit and do what he claims is too hard. The help is readily available. Excuses are cheap. His relenting of his own way brings a blessing. An obstinate choice will only bring consequence.

And it is a lesson of life this mom is still learning as well. I want my Father to be pleased when I “get it”.

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