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The attack of the squirrels…

May 21, 2009

continues at A Complete Thought abode. Although the 50 lb. bag of birdseed now takes up an entire corner of my breakfast room, the squirrels continue to come into the screened in porch. Sunflower seed hope springs eternal apparently.

Now we boast three squirrel-sized holes of frantic activity. I’m beginning to think we may have to take down all the screens, creating an enlarged deck. The main problem is that 1/2 of our screened in porch is on a two-story level. Husband all ready enlarged the deck on the other side, but the rest of the porch overlooks the stairs.

The squirrels are flirting with this two-story drop by throwing themselves out that side of the screen trying to get to a tree just beyond the stairs. They must all be far-sighted as to the screen before their noses and near-sighted as to how far away the tree actually is. But it does make for some interesting clunking, scrabbling noises as they hit, then bounce, down the stairs before regaining their footing.

This morning we had 3 squirrels on the prowl. Husband, armed and ready, took out two before the third one bounced down the steps and made his way into our woods. To live another day and scavenge for birdseed, or learn how to fly.

I hope he is at least bruised enough to reconsider our home as the Happy Meal place.

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