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The Word of God is…

January 25, 2009

one. The third rule of interpretation again points to the Person of God and His character. Being Three in One without disunity, there is no contradiction between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in purpose or works.

The Word of God is one means that nowhere at any point does God’s Word contradict itself. As the inspired, perfect Word of God, the nuances and difficulties that stump the finite minds of man have nothing but clarity in the infinite mind of God.

Once submitted to this rule of interpretation, God will graciously show the beauty of His overlap throughout His entire counsel. Reading of the promise made to Adam and Eve finds another layer in Noah’s rainbow which is only further magnified by the scene between Abraham and Isaac at the altar. And so on to and beyond the Cross. From Genesis to Revelation the Word of God is unfolded as one amazing revelation of God’s saving words and works towards men.

The Word of God is one means that a believer can celebrate the assurances of all His Words instead of quivering at the perceived differences. The Word of God brings forth a sweet interconnectedness first seen in the Trinity and secondly worked out in the Bible’s poetry, prophecy, narratives, chronicles, psalms and epistles.

The intrinsic unity of God’s Word thereto has significant application to a believer’s life in all its spheres. The divorce between personal, family, church and state, between the sacred and secular, becomes once again restored, redeemed and whole.

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