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Last day in Williamsburg…

December 20, 2008

came too soon for all of us. Looking over the map of Colonial Williamsburg, we saw house after house that we wanted to still visit but couldn’t for sake of time. At the beginning of the week we planned to recon all the various shops and use Friday as our shopping day. So armed with lists in hand, we set out early.

Previously we had also told the boys that most of their Christmas would be coming from Williamsburg as aunts, uncles, and grandparents had given us permission to spend for the boys on items they picked from our trip. While it took surprise out of some things, the boys were thrilled to be able to return home with authentic colonial stuff.

We also took the time to stop in at some of the shops and tour houses that we had not previously seen such as the George Wythe and Peyton Randolph homes. The boys took a second trip back to the Powder Magazine and a trip over to the public gaol (jail) as well.

After muskets, tricorn hats, powder horns, lavendar soap, pieces of 8, tin whistles, Hotch Potch charms, silver jewelry and colonial coins were purchased, we packed everything up and headed back to SC.

The entire week was one amazing journey, and I am incredibly thankful for how God provided the funds, lowered the price of gas, gave us great weather, and kept us safe throughout. We would love to return again for there was still so much to see and do. I hope my trip description will help anyone who is considering going to Williamsburg. It’s well worth the effort and can be economically accomplished.

Here are some links I used to help us plan our trip. We actually booked our trip through this link of Visit Williamsburg. We chose the Historic America Triangle Package and took advantage of their buy 3 nights, get the 4th night free. By having a kitchenette in our suite, we were able to bring our own suppers which meant only one meal out to eat a day. This link provides information on the actual schedule for the week you choose to go. I also used their kids’ website to prepare the boys for some of the exhibits and generally familiarize myself with the map to cut down on the time necessary, once there, to actually find things. This website gave us additional tips on how to save money once in Williamsburg with coupon offers and good places to eat for lunch.

Go Williamsburg! We plan to go again, one day when the Lord allows.

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  1. December 20, 2008 10:10 pm

    You talk about find good deals on your lunches out, but I’ll bet you missed my favorite pizza place in all of eastern VA. “Sal’s by Victor”. In a shopping center, of all places, at the corner of Richmond Road and Monticello Avenue. It’s become a staple of ours and others when we head for Cue Camp, aka the 4H Center on the James, just beside the Jamestown Ferry on the James River. Of course if you were wise enough to ask any W&M student where to get pizza, you might’ve found it.

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