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Over a week ago….

September 16, 2008

JSM at Pragmatic Compendium composed a post on pragmatic idioms. This is so right up my own alley that my trash can lids are clanging. However, since I’m routinely these days waiting until my feed reader hits 100 before skimming through everything, I had missed this great post.

Last night the ole’ reader was pegging at 119 and skim time was on. The meme that is going around about 5 ways that blogging has impacted your life. Here’s two of mine. Consider this a freebie.

1) I’m a faster typer.

2) I’m a faster reader.

Anyway, I am a lover of idioms and thought, “Yes, these things should be chronicled for the Future Greats.” Because not only will I forget that I said them, but I love to repeat myself. to repeat myself. to repeat myself.

Just ask my sons.

Here are some of our Complete Thought Idioms:

I cannot say it more clearly, but I can say it more loudly. This is courtesty of a sergeant Husband worked with in the military. I’ve left the expletives out. Your welcome.

Is there an echo in here? Again, with all the repeating that occurs around here, we actually rival the Grand Canyon’s resonatic timbre. I don’t think those last two words made any sense, but there it is.

Do you hear me talking? Yet another reference to the supernatural phenomenon of the black hole void that occurs between a mom’s voice and her offspring’s ears.

You had better tune your ears to the sound of my voice. Also, I am going to say this one time. Both of these are the natural results and solutions that have arisen to combat the black void syndrome. The hearer is held responsible.

It’s right where you left it. This idiom actually started with Husband during our military days. He would ask me where his combat boots were. One day this phrase popped out, caused a round of laughing and has stuck ever since.

Imagine that. Simply amazing. This is the follow up to the previous one. Once found, everyone exclaims.

When asked about any type of food we’re having for supper, the answer is always, “Chicken”. Because even when it’s fish or pork or beef, one particular child who shall remain nameless to protect the oblivious, hands down, every.single.time. asks, “Is this chicken?”

Apparently everything really does taste like the hallowed fowl.

If nobody wants “this,” I am throwing it away. Other versions are Either you clean it up or I will clean it up; You have 20 minutes to clean your room, and then I’m cleaning it for you; and If you leave “that” there, it becomes mine.

I used to wait until they were asleep to throw away the nonsense dollar store kids meal junk. I’m past being sensitive about their egos on that. Well known fact, leave it out and Mom will make it disappear.

Speaking of disappearing, the timer for blogging just went off. Must go. Life moves on.

(Hey, possibly another idiom?)

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