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Whenever I listen to…

September 13, 2008

Talk Radio, I feel my blood pressure rise. Since I all ready have fairly low blood pressure, this isn’t a physical danger. However, it does spur me to rapid firing of neurons and synapses with all! the! potential! blog! topics!

For example, yesterday afternoon Hannity was mentioning the media pursuit of Palin regarding whether or not she did or didn’t have a very important police person fired because he would or wouldn’t fire her former brother-in-law, a not so important police person but one nonetheless. Then, Hannity points out that what the media pursuers are deliberately leaving out of their factual and unbiased investigating is the fact that the former brother-in-law has confessed to having used a stun gun on his 10 year old stepson, Palin’s nephew.

If Palin was overzealous and crossed the governmental line of influence in the situation, that news should come out, and she should be accountable. Yet, the equally relevant news of cause to see this man relieved of his position should also come out, and he should be accountable. It was not our domestic stanchions of news reporters but a foreign news office that uncovered his confession.

These media pursuers are the people that think conservatives who use Biblical corporal discipline are fanatical child abusing monsters. Where is this 10 year old’s defender?

Or this item of liberal sound byte that is being tossed around. I first saw it on Spunky’s Homeschool.

Jesus was a community organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Really? A community organizer? What community do they think He was organizing? The one that invites its adherents to lose their lives on crosses? That’s some initiation right there.

To add foolishness, the people touting this drivel are the very ones behind every movement America has seen in the last 20 years of getting rid of prayer in school, taking “in Jesus’ name” out of convocations’ watered down “prayers”, removing the 10 Commandments, rejecting the teaching of creationism in science class, forbidding the display of nativities on public grounds, hollering a false “separation of church and state” message, denying rights to students’ groups wishing to hold Bible studies on school grounds, and in general despising and denying at every turn of the twisted tail the name of Jesus.

And yet they dare to now use Jesus’ name as a banner for themselves and dare to compare my Holy Lord and Savior, Son of Righteousness, Emmanuel, Messiah, King of Glory, to a man not really sure of his “faith“.

Yes, my blood pressure is up.

Note: This post does not endorse nor imply a vote for McCain/Palin. This post does imply that fools abound.

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  1. September 13, 2008 9:36 am

    Me, too. I just about don’t listen to a whole lot of the talk anymore – I can only stand it for short bits before I get just too frustrated with the foolishness. Amen to your “And they dare….” paragraph.

    Glad you’re back from blog break.

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