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The future is here…

August 7, 2008

and I’m behind. As usual.

This is simply one of those weeks where no matter how fast my wheels are spinning or my legs are pumping or my brain is churning (can brains churn?), I cannot seem to catch up.

So, I’m doing what any sane person would do, I’m slowing down and taking it one thing at a time. One bite at a time to the ol’ elephant digestion. I will accomplish even less to fling myself upon the inevitable hurry up and wait train. Plus, I would probably miss the connection anyway.

Even two years ago, this mindset would not have existed between these ears. I would have been fanatic frantic freaking out personified, making myself and my whole family crazier than we are, all ready.

What’s different? I definitely do not have that stamina anymore, whether because the years have crept up or the back surgery is a vivid reminder of folly and its consequences. I certainly find myself much more nostalgic for the way things are right now with my sons, and I do not want to hurry them away. The accompanying stress and tension of trying to accomplish all things in no time at all only obscures the goodness of what currently is.

But probably most significantly, the Lord has changed my heart to trust Him more in these areas of unresolved issues and myself less. That’s a major heart and mind change for an acknowledged control freak.

The Lord has graciously given me a greater faith for seeing how sweetly and sovereignly He works the impossibles out to His perfect will. When I was in such an all fired hurry all the time, I usually missed those amazing blessings.

The only difference I can claim credit to this year is being aware that He is at work and will, in good and due time, straighten my path to reveal His answers.

To Him alone the glory, honor and power! For me, only the greatest gratitude to Him.

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  1. Ellen permalink
    August 7, 2008 11:33 pm

    Great testimony to what God is doing in your mind. Boy that’s where we need to let go. Blessings as you continue to ask him to teach you how to trust in Him..

  2. August 8, 2008 3:53 am


  3. August 10, 2008 6:08 pm

    Thank you for this post. I so appreciate your words and new perspective and know it would be a wise thing for me to apply this same philosophy to my life.

    It truly sounds like God is working in incredible ways in your life right now. How awesome!

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