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Soccer camp does…

July 28, 2008

have an actual end. Whew-ee. And apparently, our weather forces here have conspired to make this the hottest week of the whole soccer camp. My boys’ faces give new shade to sheer redness of exertion. I think it should be a new paint color name, “Soccer Run Red.”

I’m grateful that the coaches are staying on top of the boys and girls participating for numerous water breaks and hydration checks. Dehydration and heat injuries are not something you want to fool around with in any form.

When we lived in Missouri, years ago, I worked as a volunteer with the American Red Cross office. A lady named Robin was my immediate supervisor. Her husband was in the Army, in excellent shape and decided to participate in a local Triathlon event. During the run he collapsed with a heat stroke. Another runner noticed his symptoms and called for help. While help was coming though, he took off his shirt and doused it in a puddle filled ditch and placed it on Robin’s husband. He continued to do this until help arrived.

Her husband was in a coma for almost a week, having suffered a severe heat stroke. His recovery afterwards was slow and with many setbacks. He ended up on medical disability and discharge.

My point being that no matter how “in shape” or “fit” a person may be, heat injuries can strike anyone. Read here and here for more information.

Moms, I know this is the time of year when all sorts of school sports are kicking up and practices are being held. Please be vigilant about your child’s hydration in addition to seeing that their coaches are paying attention. In situations where you have a lot of children participating, it can be extremely difficult for a coach to individually monitor how much one child, let alone a dozen, are drinking.

Share in the comments any additional tips or cautions you know of in regards to kids’ sports and heat. Thanks.

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