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From Mr. Zarki Ali…

July 9, 2008

was in my inbox this morning. Do I really need to write that I do not know a Mr. Zarki Ali?

Does the spammer fraud con man junk email guy who composed the message really, I mean really, think that the name Mr. Zarki Ali was going to be a successful bait?

This Zarki name will certainly convince her to send me one million dollars. Who ever turns down a Zarki?

The name looks like it more probably was pulled off of a blogger comment box code than came from any intelligent thought.

Which is why I’m a bit offended. Not for having received the spam. I realize every single one of you opens your inbox to this type of trash daily, as I do mine. What offends me is the no credit given to my intellect slap this particular name implies. Zarki and friends resembles nothing and no one possibly in my inbox, let alone anyone I would know. In a million years.

Unless of course I had signed up for the Star Trek convention email list. Which I did not.

I did receive one the other day that had a very common boy next door name on it. So next door in fact that I almost opened it. The name was very close to being that of a former boyfriend. Two types of trouble would have happened there. He was deleted as well.

So, Mr. Zarki Ali!! Thanks for sending an email. Sorry, you can’t have any of my money. The hospitals and doctors who performed my back surgery are in line first these days. But hey, if you do receive any money from your plot, how about considering a name change?

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