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Sunday mornings…

March 2, 2008

are still allowed to me on this modified bedrest. For this I am very thankful. I go prepared with a back cushion and sit until I have to adjust position. Our church is small, so I can utilize the back area for standing and sitting as needed. The means of grace are found not only through the sermons and sacraments, but also in being among God’s people for worship and praise of the Living God.

My pastor is currently teaching through 1 John, verse by verse. This type of expository focus is excellent for a thorough understanding of the book. Additionally he teaches the contextual applications and cross references that the author, John the apostle, includes in 1 John. This type of whole counsel of God focus is essential to acquire a thorough understanding of the Book.

Last week he spent time on a section dealing with the motivation of the righteous to spurn the world and its tinsel. Here are some notes I took from the sermon:

*The world cannot be the definer of my values, principles, or standards because that which is of the world is corrupt and fallen, leading into only greater perversity and depravity.

*The world promises a living that is a lie. True living is abiding in the comfortable presence of God; being His daughter; knowing that I’ve been reconciled to God by the Son; resting in His work; adoring His face; benefiting from His gifts; learning more of His Person; and becoming more conformed to His image.

*Being conformed to Christ is the rooting out of worldliness through the transforming of my mind and heart. Being conformed to Christ is turning from loving things of the world to loving supreme the things of Christ.

*Do not be content to eat the crumbs from the world’s table. Seek the Master’s feast alone.

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