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Thanks, blogger friends,…

January 1, 2008

but especially Clemntine and Rosemary for the whole plumping up the sitemeter. You get the award for making me giggle out loud. I guess that would be GOL. Since my head remains unfocused in writing substantive material, I’d like to dedicate this post to the blogging readers that faithfully stop by and entertain me with their funny and insightful comments.

Being quite tongue in cheek (TIC), I’ve decided half-heartedly to up my trivial knowledge of all things trivial this year, starting with computer and texting abbreviations of acronymial shorthand. To be even more ambitious, since setting goals is the point of a New Year–right?-to also create some of my own. I figure since I delight in making up new words, why not also make up some new abbreviations and acronyms. My husband used to be in the army so I’ve practically all ready completed an assistantship of sorts in acronymnology. Feel free to contribute your own ideas in the comments. It’s not ebonics, but let’s take back the language, friends. (TBTLF)

For example, in honor of Clem and Rosemary’s comments, they’ve all ready given me two new ideas for acronyms that could contribute greatly to the whole sensation that is blogging. As time is such a precious commodity in the lives of bloggers, this texting shorthand should really begin to invade the blogging media as well. Commenting could take on a whole new view and practice.

In recognition of a sitemeter plump, I propose the abbreviation BUS (Boosting Ur Sitemeter). It has the double entendre of slang for a quick kiss, as in on the cheek, in a whole friendly sort of way. Plus it gets extra points in using Ur for Your. Using BUS, we’ve internet tagged a friend with a quick comment–kissy, kissy.

Another suggestion is to shorten a comment that will inevitably be of the sort, “I agree with what she/he said.” We can more quickly type MT (Me Too). Think deeply on this one’s extra meaning of when two minds meet, or agree, as in “what she/he said.”

In some sideways way, a similar thought occurred last week when I received a family magazine in the mail that had on its back cover a list of text messaging abbreviations for parents to be aware of in regards to their children’s texting habits. Abbreviations like sup = what’s up, otp = on the phone, and pos = parents over shoulder. Not disregarding the import of parents knowing these things, I have of recent known myself a bit snarkified in relation to lack of schedule due to holiday events that leads to intensified parental interrogations. In other words, when I’m regularly teaching school to the boys, and they’re given a break for that day’s work, they really appreciate and exercise the break instead of shotgunning for the brain cells left to their mom.

So again, here are some thoughts for parental texting and or blogging comment abbreviations and acronyms:

LTP = love this post (easily interchangeable with liked this post, if you prefer)

LUB = love ur blog (can be expanded to a whole fan club of LUBBERS = lovers of ur blog)

ICAM = I couldn’t agree more (Apple hasn’t come out with this yet, so it must be still in the works)

TMMT = this made me think (very similar to TNT as in explosives, because thinking does require neuron firings)

KAMQCTRN = kids asking me questions, can’t think right now (need I say more?)

KIRCBRN = kids in room, can’t blog right now (which when pronounced sounds like a mild Scottish non-profane expletive)

TOPABAST = talking on phone and blogging at same time (because if multi-tasking isn’t involved, it doesn’t get done)

Lastly, I submit HNYBF = Happy New Year Blogger Friends (but I did holler it at the computer as well!)

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  1. January 1, 2008 3:10 am

    I LOVE this! You have me hooting with laughter, my Friend!

  2. January 1, 2008 3:06 pm

    These are GREAT! I love them. It’s far too early in the morning for me to actually use one of them as I would have to print out some type of cheat sheet and tape it to my computer. Much like I had to do when I taught in a mostly hispanic school district and couldn’t remember how to type a spanish punctuation mark. You know.

    But really, LTP.

  3. January 1, 2008 3:15 pm

    All I can say is I’m VHTBOH. (Very Happy To Be Of Help)!

    Now, if I could only remember all the acronyms…

    BTW, Happy New Year, Elle!

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