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It’s almost over…

February 15, 2007

the standarized testing that is, hallelu!  And the flu/viral/crud stuff is over for future great numero uno.  As I write this, the three pal ponnies are running around outside pretending to be the nobles of King Artaxerxes court, requesting an audience for Nehemiah. 

Yes, life is good.

This week even with its requirements and illness has been a precious one of extra rest, extra time, and extra blogging.  I’ll really have to enact the self-discipline next week as regular routine kicks in.

Update on the Niagara disaster:  Hubs was not too concerned at all.  He calmly placed the dehumidifier in the bathroom and let it dry things out.  Three years ago he had tiled the floor, necessarily replacing all of the subfloor and stuff so he was thankful that we weren’t spending today pulling out soggy carpet.  Yuck!

The boys have been instructed on toilet paper (can you write that on a mommy blog?) standards.  "Spare a square" being the new motto of action.  We’ll see if it takes! *eyes rolling*

I didn’t grow up with brothers. I only have one younger sister and the bathroom was inner sanctum of mysterious delights like perfume, hair things, the radio, and makeup.  I remain astounded at the difference with boys.  To them the bathroom is just one more room for experimentation with um, aim, and ahem, acoustics. 

Giggle and snort!  I’ve been with these guys too long–even just writing that I both blush and laugh!

Aaaah!  Composure, please. 

Regular intelligent blogging will resume later.  Giggle!

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  1. February 16, 2007 9:40 am

    A calm, take charge of the situation husband is truly a blessing! I relate to the little boys in the bathroom, too. It’s a shame our guest bathroom is also the one they use (and the copious TP use issue plagues us as well). I’m in there with bleach all the time! I’m glad things are returning to normal at your place.

  2. February 16, 2007 8:18 pm

    “I remain astounded at the difference with boys. To them the bathroom is just one more room for experimentation with um, aim, and ahem, acoustics.”

    Snicker snicker. I just have to shake my head and ignore the sounds emanating from the Throne Room when my son goes in there…

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