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Jack is human?

January 23, 2007

(WARNING: Season 6 of 24 spoilers ahead! Navigate away if not a fan!)

You have got to be kidding me! I was convinced that this terrorist-stomping, bomb-defusing, self-healing, torture-enduring man was not actually conceived and born to human parents, let alone have a brother! Certainly, Jack, of all people, was hatched in some earlier radiation-affected cabbage patch that granted him such significant abilities that all the rest of us just watch with dropped jaws.

No, looks like the guy had his first experience with undue stress in potty training like the rest of us.

Honestly, I thought that last night’s one hour was better than the entire 4 hour premiere. I know, some of you might disagree. But bigger than a suitcase nuke taking out Valencia, CA is the news that Rocket Romano (from ER days, I’m sorry I cannot think of him as anyone else) is Jack’s brother. And not only that, but this same Rocket Romano (glad to see your arm back on–sorry, more former ER–I don’t even watch it anymore) was part of the whole mastermind of Season 5.

Jack, it didn’t start and stop with the evil President Logan! Your brother, the guy who shared Cheerios with you, or not–maybe that’s where it all started, is THE brain or at least one of them, behind these "terrorist incidents"!

For the love of all that is spy suspense and thrill-seeking, that piece of news is Da Bomb! And to further cause me to come off of the couch with shrieks are the previews indicating that Babe’s "That’ll do, Pig" farmer is Jack’s dad!

I’m telling you that my heart is racing just in the re-telling. Now that’s some clever writing, you 24 people. Got to hand it to you. Just when everyone is comfortable with Jack being the man without a family (please, no more Kim) and therefore, he is free and clear to stomp, thrash, shoot, defuse, foil and sabotage the worst and vilest of terrorism, he’s got family to consider!

What must Christmas dinner look like at their house? Or family reunions? Do they draw names and then shoot at one another? And can you imagine playing the game of Risk on family night?

So quick synopsis:
Valencia is falling apart. Mass mayhem as everyone not nuked tries to leave before succumbing to radiation sickness. Jack rescues a man out of a helicopter on top of a house. Fayed and co. escape to new safehouse. Fayed calls nuke trigger contact guy with random girlfriend to ask for new nuke trigger since other device now radiation dust. Jack calls Buchanan and asks to be back in. Hasad arrives at CTU and gives info that former Russian general may have provided nukes. Morris discovers link between Russian general and Jack’s dad. Buchanan tells Jack. Jack calls Sam, Bauer butler, to look for his dad. Liddy monitors call and then calls Jack’s brother, Graham/Gray who wishes Jack had been successfully killed last year (some serious sibling rivalry there). Jack shows up at brother’s house but not before Graham/Gray makes insecure wimpy man comment to his wife about her former a’mour relationship with Jack. Jack meets nephew, says hi to sister in law, and then almost immediately but behind privacy of office door begins to "persuade" Graham/Gray to tell the truth!

Other news:
Waleed wears a wire and agrees to help FBI discover info on obvious terrorist cell people being held at detention center. Girlfriend/President’s sister, Saundra shrieks about it. President Wayne Palmer is still searching for his presidential presence, ie. courage and in meantime, is embunkered below White House. Advisors, generals and admirals all clamor for attention and status with their pet ideas of handling the situation. President Palmer decides to call the "terrorist incident" a nuclear bomb in his speech.

My apologies for anything I left out. I hear my own Jack Bauers running around demolishing bad guys of the world, so blogging time endeth.

I can’t wait for next week!

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  1. February 2, 2007 10:52 pm

    I’m just glad to see I’m not the only one obsessed with this show! How can they expect us to believe Jack could share the same gene pool with that squirrelly brother?

    I had to keep my mouth shut for a week around here about Jack’s dad, because my husband and 15-year-old don’t like to watch the preview for the next week. I just kept wanting to say, “That’ll do, pig.”

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