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A bold preacher…

January 21, 2007

is a hard thing to find these days.  The one who says to the congregation the hard things.  By God’s grace, my family sits under a bold preacher.  The text was Hebrews 11:32-40.  The author’s intent at writing was to stir up the Jews to press forward in the grace and promises of the New Covenant and not to turn back to the sacrifices of the past.  The author stirred them up and us too by reminding us of the faith of the past that is still required today. 

To press forward under dire threats and tragedies because subduing nations for the sake of the Gospel is commanded.  To press forward even though the many would not receive temporally the fulfillment of all promises.  To press forward while seeing many loved ones perish for the sake of His name.

Teaching that takes us to places of mind-stretching, heart-rending discomfort where all the people still praise the name of the Lord!  A bold preacher is hard to find.  Thank you God, for our bold preacher.  Make us bold people of God!

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